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Hoop and Pearl with gold earrings
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Hoop earrings - different colours, shapes, sizes and materials

Axessorize offers a range of hoop earrings in many different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. All our earrings are of high quality, carefully-made with attention to the smallest detail. Regardless of whether you prefer the classic style or are a fan of clear and eye-catching earrings, here you will find something for yourself or your special someone. We have gold alloy hoop drop earrings embellished with beautiful floral design and petite diamante, large hoops with bead and vintage gold alloy, gold alloy and vegan leather twisted hoop earrings, enamel hoops, hoops with turquoise bead and vintage gold hoops, gold leaf hoops, hoops with opal rhinestones with deep pink feature rhinestone, resin hoops. All of them are available in many colours and with many diameters.

Our hoop earrings make you look and feel elegant

All our earrings arrive in a beautiful pink Axessorize micro-suede pouch. Earrings can express your personality and style and take your outfit to the next level. Hoop earrings are one of the oldest forms of jewellery in the world, their circular shape symbolizing infinity, they have always had a reputation of being empowering and timeless. Since the1960s hoop earrings have become a fashion staple. No item of jewellery is as versatile as hoop earrings.  Always on trend, hoops of all sizes are classic and elegant pieces that can be worn for any occasion at any age and come in varying sizes, materials and shapes and can be minimalist or embellished with adornments. From petite understated classic hoops to bold statement varieties there is no item of jewellery as versatile as hoop earrings. Hoop earrings come in varying sizes, materials and shapes and can be minimalist or embellished with adornments. Hoop earrings are your go to fashion piece that can be worn both casually or on dressier occasions such as parties, formal and cocktail events.