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What is a bag?

At the most basic level, a bag is a vessel to carry our essentials. Every woman has at least one bag in her wardrobe. It is hard to imagine doing without them especially since this is where all the treasures are kept. Bags not only have practical value but have become a fashion piece in and of themselves. The options are literally limitless but here are some of the key styles that every woman should have at least one of:

The shoulder bag: this timeless classic never goes out of style and there are many options available in all kinds of shapes and materials. The shoulder bag simply rests on your shoulder, but can also be held on the crook of the elbow.

The shopping tote: The tote is much larger than a shoulder bag but can be worn over the shoulder, it is designed to hold more items and is the perfect handbag for market shopping. Less formal fabrications such as twill are ideal for taking to the beach.

The cross-body bag: The cross-body bag is similar to the shoulder bag but can be worn across the body for hands free convenience. Just like the shoulder bag, the cross-body bag has a variety of applications and fabrications.

The clutch bag: The clutch is the quintessential evening bag for cocktail parties, formal events and the races. Small and compact, they are designed to hold just a few essentials but what they lack in size they make up for in style. The clutch bag comes in a limitless number of fabrics, patterns and textures and can really tie your outfit together.

We present various types of bags in our assortment. There are, among others, clutch bags - small, elegant bags, most often serving as an elegant accessory during evening outings. In addition, there are also handbags - these are accessories that you carry in your hand. They usually don't have an additional chain or a strap. In addition, basket hand bags are the perfect summer accessory for the beach and trips to the market.