Wide Flat Chain Short Necklace

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$24.95 AUD
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    Elegant, timeless flat chain necklace

    Elevate your style with our chic and modern take on the classic Wide Flat Chain Short Necklace.

    A classic necklace is necessary to slay your formal outings. The Wide Flat Chain Short Necklace is a masterful piece that gives you a classic and elegant look. 

    The interlocking smooth chain pieces sit snuggly in the curves of your neck for stunning, classic look.

    Great for formal occasions or any chance you get to dress up. Do justice to your one-piece dress by adding this elegant necklace to your wardrobe.

    Silver & gold alloy

    The Wide Flat Short Chain Necklace is available in gold and silver alloy and has a nice weight and looks expensive. Pick the one that best complements your skin and dress.


    • Flat chain wide necklace
    • Available in gold or silver alloy
    • Length 44 cm, Width 2 cm
    • Weight 43 g