Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

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Evil Eye Pendant

Stand out from the crowd in our Evil Eye Pendant Necklace, crafted in gold, silver or rose gold. It is said that the Evil Eye Pendant protects the wearer from bad luck and misfortune.

Explore a different taste with our unique Evil Eye Pendant Necklace. Feel totally protected wearing this colourful and protective amulet. With all your shielding from bad luck, you can take a few chances! Take this with you on a trip to the races or if you try your luck in this weeks Lotto!

Fit to go well with any casual dressing.

Mystical evil eye design made from a diamante pattern

You can also try different combinations with your dresses using the gold, silver, or rose gold crafted Evil Eye Pendant.


  • Evil eye pendant design
  • Available in gold, rose gold and silver
  • Chain length 45 cm + 7 cm
  • Pendant size length 3 cm, Width 2 cm